Designed for industry.

QM Wizard™ supplements training, facilitates consistency, and ensures high quality work while bridging the experience gap for a monthly subscription that pays for itself in a few days.

Technology for the technician.

QM Wizard™ is an electronic checklist, reporting, and data capture system providing:

  • Enhanced quality management.
  • Process standardization.
  • Best practice consolidation.
  • Visibility & transparency.
  • Real-time data access & validation.
  • 24/7 web-based information flow.

What is QM Wizard?

The QM Wizard is a fully customizable checklist and reporting tool with embedded tolerance criteria and reference material. Upload your own forms and checklists. Add your own tasks and criteria, adjust tolerances, and create your own PDF forms to meet the unique requirements your company, industry, or customers.

How does the QM Wizard work?

Users enter data into the QM Wizard on a laptop, tablet, or any mobile device. The QM Wizard verifies the data as it is entered. When a value that falls outside of programmed tolerances is entered, the users attention is flagged so appropriate action can be taken. Up to five photos can be taken for each task or line item in the QM Wizard to document conditions such as gauge readings; broken, missing, or worn parts; shipping damages, completed work, etc. You can embed and link tutorials, videos, photos, and instruction sheets to ensure proper steps are followed according to industry or company procedures. Reference material and charts can be embedded for ease of access when and where you need them.

Set customer specific criteria, default values, and alerts to flag your attention when your entered value falls outside of acceptable tolerances.

Final Reports

Eliminate messy handwritten reports. Stop duplicating work in transcribing handwritten forms into electronic formats. Stop wasting time uploading images from a camera or jump drive, sorting through pictures, and inserting them into a presentable document. With the QM Wizard final reports are completed in real-time as users enter values into checklist tasks. Once the task list is complete, the final report may be printed or emailed.